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Video of the Day - 15th August - Fur Elise in Different Tastes

Everyone knows how boring it is sat in airports waiting to be allowed through your gate, so putting a piano in the lounge for anyone to play seems like a great idea when you get someone as talented as this man have a go.

Of course there would be the danger of having annoying people plink and plonk on it while you're trying to get stuck into your summer read and there would definitely be a distinct danger of show-offs but this man, Maan Hamadeh, can show off all he likes. His rendition of Beethoven's Fur Elise is amazing, taking on multiple styles as he plays and finally transforming into the Titanic theme at the end.

Filmed in Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague, you may wonder why there is a piano sitting in an airport lounge but then if you did wonder about this, you've obviously never been to Prague! If your flight was delayed at the airport, we can definitely think of worse ways to spend the time waiting. Hamadeh's talent on the piano is a joy to watch and it's really interesting to hear Fur Elise played in so many different ways. It's a shame that the piano needed tuning throughout but it certainly doesn't take away from his obvious skill and enjoyment of performing.

Since being uploaded just over a week ago, Maan Hamadeh's video has gone well and truly viral with over 7 million views and thousands of comments. On initial viewing, you might roll your eyes as he begins Fur Elise seeing as everyone who takes piano lessons can bust that one out but his twist on it quickly draws you in and as a shameless Titanic fan, the ending was the cherry on top.

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