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Video of the Day - 17th July - Doggy retirement home

Today's Video of the Day we look at this lovely little video portrait of a dog retirement home.

The gorgeous dogs that inhabit this home are all getting older and a lot of them have health problems and they are all looked after until they die. It's one big happy home for elderly dogs. The women that run it are featured in the video discussing why they do it and how they do it, and you can tell how much they truly care for the dogs.

Obviously there is the obligatory 'aww' moments seeing the older dogs running around and enjoying themselves as well as the nitty gritty of them havign to stay with the dogs when they pass and how it really is 24 hour care.

Overall this video is put together so nicely and shot beautifully, it tugs at the heartstrings a little but I suppose that's the point. I hope they get to carry on their lovely work at the home and I hope we get to see some more happy residents soon.

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