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Videos Showcasing Homes For Sale are More Likely to Get Viewings

  • Homes for sale that have videos as part of their marketing package get more viewings
  • Property profile videos are in massive demand from consumers
  • Prestige property companies can use video profiles to stand out from the crowd
  • Our videos have a fast turnaround, cinematic quality and are not intrusive
  • We have property video packages to suit all budgets
  • Our pricing caters for those looking for multliple films

There has been a growing trend in high net worth individuals and prestige property sale and rental companies approaching The Online Video Company in order to get a short film to showcase their property or properties or portfolio of homes.

With UK and International broadband take-up increasing day by day more and more consumers are expecting to see videos showcasing the properties that they are interested in purchasing or renting.

Estate Agents, Rental Agents and Prestige Property Companies Can Use Videos as a Marketing Tool

Videos that showcase a home for sale or rent give property vendors a unique marketing opportunity. We produce cinematic quality videos that can be displayed via websites, on a big screen in an office or in DVD format as part of a high net worth marketing brochure.

Our technical support means that we can help you integrate your property and home videos into your existing website or marketing material. In addition, our flexible pricing structure makes our property videos affordable, and we have several options available, tailored to estate agents and rental companies with a large portfolio, right through to individuals looking to showcase their home.

Individuals looking to hire elements of the home to the likes of film, television or private companies are also using our services to widen their marketing potential.

The Online Video Company produced an amazing film that showcased one of our most prestigious rental properties. The property was rented within two weeks of being on the market and client referenced the film as making the home stand out in the marketplace. We now suggest videos to showcase homes to all of our landlords and property companies.

Neil - Martin and Co South West

The engaging nature of video encourages users to spend more time on a page, thereby increasing stickiness and revenue

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