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Product presentation videos

More and more companies that sell products via the web are understanding that showcasing their items via video will lead to increased sales. We specialise in making products and retail items stand out from the crowd using videos and online films.

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Company videos

Company videos and films are the essential way to quickly spread vital messages to employees and consumer alike. The Online Video Company makes sure that your films sparkle, both in terms of content and quality.

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Web clips

Analysis of user behaviour when engaging with websites that utilise videos shows that it can help increase sales and enquiries. Our team of usability and SEO video experts can help you identify the types of films that will help you get more from your online presence.

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Company testimonial videos

Want to avoid the deathly dull corporate videos? We take an unusual slant on company films in order to make yours stand out from the crowd. Our team take the time to really get to know your business and what you are actually trying to achieve with your company video or film.

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SEO video production

Video is Playing a Massive Role in Website Search Engine Rankings - Is Your Site Ready?

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Music videos

Too many bands and musicians create great music but don't put the same effort into their videos, The Online Video Company can help with this. We can work with any budgets and create professional videos that will get people talking about you and your work.

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Internal communication videos

In today's fast-paced working environment it is essential that messages are communicated clearly and quickly. The Online Video Company team has worked with leading global brands to help make sure that key announcements are distributed via video to geographically diverse employees.

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HR videos

There is nothing worse than starting a new role within an organisation and having to wade through pages and pages of policies and processes. We can help streamline this process and make it far more engaging by using films and online video clips.

HR videos

Talking head films

More and more companies are understanding that videos are a great way to engage with customers. Giving senior management teams a visible presence on a website, or to talk through a product range can significantly help increase your sales.

talking head films

Training videos

Our training videos are created with clear communication and informative content in mind.

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Property Videos

There has been a growing trend in high net worth individuals and prestige property sale and rental companies approaching The Online Video Company in order to get a short film to showcase their property or properties or portfolio of homes.

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Videos for the web

Videos on websites are proven to improve site stickability

We offer the full range of video production services. From great sound skills to cans of brilliant camera work we know how to make excellent videos for the web.

We can help get you videos online and find the best media player software to ensure your users get the best web experience. Why not get in touch today to find out more about how TOVC can help you.

video production services for websites

Engaging video content is key!

Our team of video content experts will help you through every stage of the web video process. We have a track record of delivering the kind of web videos that get people hooked.

The online videos that we create for website owners are all done with the "pass-on" factor in mind. Our experience means that we can quickly identity web video concepts that work along with turning them around very quickly.

Video offers businesses huge opportunities to develop both a richer customer experience and develop new marketing opportunities

The engaging nature of video encourages users to spend more time on a page, thereby increasing stickiness and revenue

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