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Building a better team, with help from training videos

Our training videos are created with clear communication and informative content in mind.

Our team has worked across many varying sectors, from the heavily regulated Financial and Utility companies through to retail and FMCG and we know that keep employees engaged and up to speed with the training and skills you require. Why not Get in touch today to find out more about how The Online Video Company can help you get the most out of your team.

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Training Videos for the Modern Day Business

As a full service online video production company we can help you script the training video that you need and even manage the process of placing them on a secure media platform. We can track and monitor when videos have been watched, who by, and even help them.

Our training videos are professionally shot and created in ways that will make the clips memorable to your workforce.

We had three new leads for our App Design services that came direct from the videos that the OVC did for us just a few days after uploading them.

Adam Stacey, Managing Director, AS Design & Services

The engaging nature of video encourages users to spend more time on a page, thereby increasing stickiness and revenue

Bloomberg Businessweek