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Viral Video Clips are a Great Way to Quickly Get Your Brand Out There

We have a totally unique offering for our viral clips as we can provide the total package. We identify the best concept to fit with your brand, we shoot and edit the clip for you, we can place it on your site and most importantly, we can seed it to make sure your target audience knows about it and gets to see it.

Our ability to see viral clips and web films is what put The Online Video Company on the map. We use no spam tactics, all of our methods of viewer engagement are genuine and come from the years of experience that we have in creating great viral videos.

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Viral Films and Short Web Videos Increase Engagement

You probably landed on this site because you understand just how much value having film on your website can deliver. Every major online business magazine and website is shouting about case studies from companies who have seen a massive increase in sales and traffic just from adding videos to their web pages.

It is vital that your viral films and web clips look professional, a badly shot film can ruin the user experience of browsing around your site. The Online Video Company understands this. We are specialists in viral and interruption marketing and getting the best return on investment from these via video production and web films.

Website with videos on are 53 times more likely to have an organic first-page ranking than a traditional web page without video

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Video offers businesses huge opportunities to develop both a richer customer experience and develop new marketing opportunities